Incoming Shipments

Incoming Shipments

Keeping track of inventory, orders and transit are chores by themselves. It’s a slippery slope that can quickly wreak havoc if not dealt with methodically. Transdail understands how important it is to manage inventory, meet your customer expectations, and process incoming and outgoing deliveries. Keeping tabs on all these and more have never been easier when you team up with Transdail.

We have both experience and expertise to handle all these tasks quickly and efficiently. In many cases, we can do it better than your in-house staff. Our staff monitors inventory continuously, processes deliveries, and provides customers with notifications on low stock levels and delivery updates. We can also aid and advise you on how to move old stocks before they expire.

We also offer drop shipping to our clients to allow them to take advantage of bulk discounts and vendor sales. The trailers carrying the entire shipment are dropped at our location and we unload them later or as needed. You do not have to worry about securing storage space for new inventory.


Transdail has all the cutting-edge tools for inventory management solutions including equipment and software. While we heavily use technology, we do not blindly rely on it. We back up every automated process with physical, hands-on inspections and count on verification by our staff. Everything we do within our facilities is set up with a check and balance system.

We are always looking out for potential issues. All deliveries are inspected as soon as they are received and if anything of concern is found, customers will be notified. We train our staff to identify potential risk that’d indicate an onset of larger issue within a package, inventory or storage unit. We make every effort to reduce waste and damage to inventory.

Our staff will pick, pack, and ship your outgoing orders with utmost care and efficiency. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing your customer orders are going out accurately and on time. Your complete satisfaction with our services is guaranteed or we will give your money back!

We also take proactive approach to address potential issues before they present themselves. We call these Advanced Protocols. Advanced Protocols are essentially a Plan B. We urge all customers to set these up before using our services. These protocols lay out a plan of action in the event a certain circumstance occurs. Out of stock on a particular product? You can have an AP in place that addresses the issue. It may direct staff to substitute another product in its place. AP saves times, eliminates downtime, and prevents last minute scrambling to fill the orders and get them out on time. You will never have to worry about order cancellation if Advanced Protocols are set up right.

With Advanced Protocols in place, our staff already knows what to do and they can implement the action plan without having to wait for your decision. Something that could have put a complete stop to operations is quickly addressed and becomes only a slight bump instead of a complete halt in order processing.


Being able to maintain schedules and nimble to unforeseen circumstances is a key to order fulfillment success. Incoming shipment from vendors and manufacturers can get backed up at the loading dock and outgoing orders can be delayed if not planned properly. Neither case is ideal. We understand, life happens! To address situations like these, we allow drop shipments. By having some shipments dropped at our facility, we can easily work them into our schedule and unload more efficiently and in a more practical manner. This allows us to unload loads that are needed first and prioritize other deliveries as needed.

On a flip side, we utilize pre-loading. With pre-loading, we can schedule loading a trailer ahead of time, making full use of our slower days. If prepped ahead of time, there is no rush to load products while a carrier is toe-tapping at the loading dock.


We have revolutionized product labeling with our unique barcoding technology. We affix labels to each item upon delivery. Those labels and barcodes include all the information about any particular product. Once the label is affixed, incoming barcode scan will update the inventory. It will indicate what area it should be stored in and if any special handling is required. When the item goes out, an outgoing scan will remove the item from inventory.


We enjoy having great relationships with our carriers. These relationships put us in a unique situation where we can enjoy incredible discounts and have a better bargaining position with carriers. We pass along these extra savings to our customers. All our business relationships are based on trust and mutual benefits. We could keep these discounts to ourselves, but then that isn’t who we are – we want a win-win situation for everyone involved.

EDI and real-time notifications

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it allows our customers to receive instantaneous updates on the status of their incoming and outgoing shipments. The system also permits them to make changes to those deliveries quickly and easily. Furthermore, EDI offers a great means of communication between vendors and customers. We recommend all clients to utilize the EDI for its ease of use and diverse applicability.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Every business can benefit from carefully set KPIs. KPIs are great indicators to know how the overall health is of a business and what are some areas that can be improved. Unlike other companies, we offer to customize KPIs that will align with your business model and needs. If there is a KPI you are interested in but don’t see in our list of offered KPIs, we will add it to our KPIs and configure those so you can retrieve meaningful reports.

My company was in need of a company that could cover a wide range of logistics requirements, starting from mail forwarding and quality control and up to regular package shipping and receiving. After working with different companies that didn't manage to understand and meet my needs, I was reluctant in pursuing another collaboration. However, after hearing only good things about Transdail, I gave them a chance, and I'm extremely glad I did. I've never had a worry regarding demands in this department ever since.

Mary D. Nelson

Finding custom shipping options for my enterprise seemed to be a hassle until I managed to discover Transdail. Because my needs were extremely specific, I wanted a long-term collaboration with a company that could personalize their shipping solution to fit my situation perfectly and Transdail was able to deliver that. What impressed me most about this company was the forward-thinking nature of their services, as well as the advanced technology used in the shipping processes.

Lara P. Smith

When we had to get the goods delivered properly, we turned to Transdail. The logistics operator took care of all the behind-the-scene tasks, helping us in our time of need. Logistics was never our core competency. We're better on the sales and marketing side. It's a good thing that Transdail is there to ensure that the products arrive on time. I sincerely recommend them to anyone who is desperate to find a logistics solution.

Donald J. Connell

We have resources available, but we thought that Transdail will do a better job. Transdail has an excellent position in the supply chain, not to mention that they have experience in logistics and supply chain management. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Transdail for the excellent job they've done. You guys really contributed to our company's growth.

Pedro Alves Costa

We've had the pleasure to work with Transdail for several years now. We weren't willing to invest in our own logistics solutions, so we started working with the 3PL provider. Needless to say, it was the best decision that our company could have made. Transdail disposes of the necessary warehouse network and resources to oversee stock control. Using 3PL really makes the difference. We hope that our collaboration won't end here. Transdail has been an excellent partner.

Luan Rocha Martins

We chose Transdail because we wanted to work with an organization that had the same values as we did. We were happy to discover that the shipping business took great care in meeting our demands. Now, we're able to make costs savings that directly impact the customers. for this reason alone, we will continue to rely on Transdail. Supply chain logistics may be complicated but, somehow, they manage to pull it off.

Flora Bocharova

Thank you Transdail for going out of your way to fulfill our shipping needs. You've done a fantastic job handling the shipments. No delays, much less mistakes. Transdail is without any doubt one of the best logistics operators we've worked with. I would strongly recommend them to any business that is looking forward to achieving excellency. The folks over there at Transdail are great.

Otman Luimes

Since I have opened my business I have been cooperating with many shipping companies, but my products always arrived late or even broken and that would cause me problems with my clients which made me lose a lot of money. But after I started shipping my products with Transdail shipping service my clients have been always getting their orders in time without any damage. I strongly recommend using this company’s services.

Amadou Lebens

I was planning to open my company, but I was terrified about the process of buying a place for the office. Finding it and especially negotiating the price with the seller was my biggest concern because I do not have that much knowledge about this branch. But after a friend had recommended me Transdail things got a lot easier. A consultor assisted me with the entire process while giving me crucial advices that helped me finish the whole operation just in time for the big opening. I am really happy with the services Transdail offers because they surely value the word "professionalism".

Kardelen Zoontjens

Using Transdail for delivering my products since I'd started shopping online was the best decision I could ever make. Not only that the order came in time, but I was also sure that all my products are in perfect shape, with no damage or anything missing. The quality control service that Transdail has made sure that everything is all right and I would not get anything that was not according to what I have ordered. I will surely use this company from now on anytime I want to order something more.

Zoubeir Parlevliet

Best customers service! Unexpected things can always appear, but finding a solution really fast is what you have to do. The customer service at Transdail is amazing at listening to your situation and providing you with the best solutions. If I had to describe the team working there I would say it is very helpful, understanding and very polite. Anytime I encounter something that might need more information or guidance, I do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

Athanasius Bezrukov

Building a new house means buying a lot of new furniture that I ordered online because it was cheaper, but since there were so many products the shipping costs were way too big for me. So while I was looking for solutions, I'd found Transdail company and contact the, they helped me negotiating the freight pricing rates and this way I could afford paying for the shipment. Transdail is very focused in fulfilling the needs of their customers and I am really grateful that I have found them.

Nadya van Merrienboer

I was in need of immediate order fulfillment for my small business that just had started to expand. Upon research, I stumbled upon numerous logistics company, but all of them seemed to not been using the type of technology I was seeking, and their prices were far from my financial reach. Through an acquaintance I discovered Transdail. This company has covered all my demands in terms of order fulfillment and has helped me develop my company through their constant support. Their logistics services have never failed to meet my needs so they remain a reliable collaborator for me and my enterprise.

Ganesh Rutjes

My family and I live in different countries, and once a month, I enjoy sending them packages with different types of goods. Because the items I’m shipping are usually pretty valuable, I was extremely strict when searching for a carrier. After reading more reviews I decided to resort to Transdail's logistics services, and I think I made the best choice possible. This company has never lost nor damaged any of my packages, and they always manage to arrive on time to my dear ones. I truly recommend Transdail to anyone with shipping requirements.

Henderika Geven

I'm an art collector and recently I started pursuing my passion as a business. Buying and sending art pieces have helped me make a profit, but when I have to send a valuable package internationally, I have to make sure I work only with the most reliable carriers on the market. I tried Transdail's service a while back and I was impressed with their level of reliability, attention to detail, and rapidity. I haven't had a complaint once, and I trust Transdail to always provide me with unbeatable logistics solutions.

Cristina Kovalyova

You may have heard us mention our customer service and support staff few times by now. This goes to say how serious and proud we are of the service we provide to our customers and the dedication we portray through each interaction. These individuals are highly trained, and we select them for their inherent desire to please all our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Every customer is treated with the same degree of attention regardless of their business volume. We treat our customers the same way we’d like ourselves to be treated – with respect, compassion and problem-solving attitude that’s second to none.

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